Music Moment: Pye Corner Audio, “Vorticism”

16 Apr

Man the world seems to be conspiring against me right now. If the filthy germs from the streets are not trying to infect my skullcase with black mucus, then it’s the fact that I seem to be acquiring tasks and responsibilities that my body/ego can’t cash. And I still have to get a present for Mrs Sex farm (She says she’s 21 on Thursday). Perhaps I will get her something more romantic than the flymo strimmer I bought her last year. Coffee mugs perhaps?

So tonight I’m pretty much spent, but before I go, there’s time to wax lyrically about tonight’s music moment man. To put it simply, I love everything that Martin Jenkins aka PYE CORNER AUDIO has done to date. He’s rarely put a foot wrong with his tape inspired outpourings of synth driven music. He may be herded in with the collective of Hauntological acts (His last album ‘Sleep Games,’ was released on Ghost Box for example), but the music contains so much more. Somehow managing to mix warped disco, with woozy space age kosmic kosmische, and proto-dance music rhythms into a collective body that seem to be looking backwards into the future.

And now he’s released the new 12inch ‘Suspicious Century,” with Boomkat Editions. Alas it’s sold out (Damn those limited vinyl snobs!), but the lead track “Vorticism,” can be heard here. That simple acid bas with some rather grand whooshes and sweeping high-end meowing pitches that seem to hang in the air. It’s all got a very early ’90s feel going on here that, even with it’s propulsive rhythms there’s an extremely chilled morning seashore vibe to it, is something that AFX could have easily made at the time. Funnily enough, that “Classic” big style chord progression made me think of it as a more floaty version of these songs of the following tracks,

It all definitely takes me back to some nice memory pools, and in a good way.


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