Music Moment: Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Doc Scott)

25 Apr

Best get some thoughts and stuff down….

– It´s been a day off in Iceland (As it is officially the first day of summer) and it’s been bloody freezing. weirdly noticed that everyone seemed to be loudly proclaiming and bigging up the day on the social media, which to be honest I’ve never really seen before. People before would just accept it a bank holiday and spend the day pottering about. Perhaps it’s the way of our internet lives now, where every little thing gets shouted from the rooftops, now matter how inane.

– Decided to do stuff today that would be good for the body and soul, i.e. go to the gym and write a snarky blog post about  what seems to be an increasing trend to hold schmaltzy, bombastic tribute nights at places such as Harpa. There’s been the Bootleg Beatles, an ELO tribute night, a tribute night for Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark side of the moon,’ with a big Eurovision song and dance event in a couple of weeks, then  Stefán Hilmarsson og Eyjólfur Kristjánsson (aka Stebbi Og Eyfi) are doing a night of Simon  And Garfunkel covers. All of these nights charge a minimum of 5,000Kr for tickets, with some charging 9,000Kr for the front row. I’m starting to suspect that in true materialistic fashion, many Icelanders are not so much lovers or culture, but more like grazers of kitch nonsense (And that’s before we even touch the slew of tribute nights to ’90s alt-rock acts)

– But then i decided that it was all to windy and deleted it.

– God this Icelandic election is a bit of a slog isn’t it? All this REVOLUTION, FATALISM, NEW DAWN OF POLITICS AND SOCIETY gubbins, with added smiley faces and bitcoins. Frankly I’m struggling to find a party that (If I could) I’d vote for. Either the people themselves are reprehensible, or the party ideology makes me gag. As it’s the last few says before voting, 101 is  currently deluged with puggers (Political muggers), thrusting pamphlets in your face, or belting out songs and slogans saying why they’re so great. Some are doing “artistic” singing protests (Oh, how precious!). I’ll probably do a FB piece on it on Saturday then get online brickbats from the tru believers. Even got one of my comments deleted from a post today saying that there was a revolution going on in Iceland. possibly too sarky!

– Am now using Spotify. The first thing I did?  Listen to this album again, 10 years after I last heard it!

– Off to this tonight. NOISEEEEEEE!

– And speaking of Drum & Bass, the deep listening continues for a new NITcast. I think I have the basics to get something started over the weekend. The usual wyrd post punk/industrial/ spacey darkness. And and I was reminded of this lovely track after listening to a special mix posted by Metalheadz in tribute to collective member Kemistry who dies in 1999. Just love the space in the track. Gives an added edge to the simple drum rhythm and that menacing bassline. RUMBLE!


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