“There must be something in the water here….”

04 May

Another article focuses on the Viking rhetoric before the crisis, when Iceland experienced an unparalelled economic boom:

“Prominent business persons were trying to explain the boom before the crash in terms of the psychology of an Icelander as a descendent of the medieval Vikings who took immense risks, ventured into distant lands to pillage and profit, and then returned to Iceland as public heroes.”

A racialised neoliberal discourse?

“Yes, it was assumed that there was something essential and almost genetic in the successes of these Business Vikings. Embarrassingly, professional scholars at the main universities also engaged in intensive ideological work that highlighted the “uniqueness of the Business Vikings of Iceland”.

“At the University of Iceland they even designed specific research projects to explore, draw upon, and advance these so called “unique characteristics of the Business Vikings”. Critique was suppressed, and those who felt they had objections, gave up and became silent. Some of these projects were, by the way, financially supported by some of the banks and companies that were heavily implicated in the meltdown.”

Anthropologist Gisli Pálsson – Academics, speak out against neoliberalism!


I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing (If we haven’t already), such sentiments being declared about the cultural scene in Iceland…

But again i should point out to wide eye Icelandophreaks, the wise words of my boss The Mandarin Haukur SM

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