Apocalyptic Hedonism: A Riposte….

12 May

I see you everyday, you walk the same way
You go to work, Friday is payday
Give it up, give your wife up

Weekender – weekender
Go out, have a good time
Weekender – weekender
Go out have a good, good – good, good time

What you say weekender, we can work it out
We’ll work it all out
Don’t you hate, hate what you are
I’ll give it up, I’ll give it to you, you
Come on weekender, we’ll go out,
We’ll have a good, the best times

Right weekender, hows about we work it out
Weekender we could have such a good time
Show you, help you, a better way, a better day
A better way, A better life – weekender
Right, weekender we’re going out
You wash, blow dry your hair
New shoes, new suit
Oh, I say you look so super
Weekender you’re looking good

Don’t you hate, don’t you hate what you are
Don’t you hate what you are I ask, I ask you
Look around, don’t you feel a clown
fuck Off, Fuck off and die – I’m hating you
I hate you – goodbye
I’m slipping, weekender – weekender
Slipping down – down
Weekender weekender
Go out have a good time – the best time
Go away – away away away – sit back
Let it flow
Just like a little (have a good time)
Have a good time, have a good – good time
No work just party – party!
You got a new skirt, you got a new suit
Saved your life for a two day flirt boy
You pay the price coz Monday sure does hurt
Tell at work your weekend tale
Still need the pleasure of dirty sale
Monday’s back – what can you do?

Been away. Been away. You’ve seen a lot wow, wow
Weekender whatever you do – just make sure what
ya doing makes you happy


Because some of us need a reason to escape “The Long Silence” of a shit, grinding, dead-end job that does its best to drag us down….

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