The Sunday Cult Film Corner Special Xtra Post: MOVIEDROME!

19 May

Well after the last post was sent to the masses, a chat started with a friend about our formative film viewing experiences. With Sævar he talked about his love of Giallo films and soundtracks, as well as films such as ‘The Andromeda Strain,’ ‘Gregory Girl,’ and ‘I Start Counting.’

For me it was the world cinema seasons  shown late night on channel 4 on Sundays (Lots of dodgy French art house, plus existential pain from Eastern Europe). And Moviedrome. Possibly one of the greatest film series ever produced for TV, Moviedrome was shown on Sunday nights on BBC2 running from 1988 till 2000. Presented by Alex Cox, and later by Mark Cousins they were responsible for introducing an unsuspecting British audience to the wonders of the cult film. And they showed an impressive range from ’70s political blockbusters to no-budget art house. Horror to gangster films. Spaghetti westerns to zombie epics.

What marked Moviedrome out from other film series of its ilk were the introductions by Cox & Cousins. Not only were they informative, they also showed the insight of two men who were deeply in love with the medium they worked with, whether it was Cox waxing lyrical on the talents of David Cronenberg and John Carpenter, or Cousins sharply taking apart the canon of Robert Altman.

There is a fantastic piece about the series here, as well as a complete list of the films here. But for YOU, the trusty RSF reader, I have compiled a special YouTube playlist of all the available intros done by Cox & Cousins, as well as some other fun pieces from other BBC film seasons. Despite the slightly dodgy sound quality, these are fun to watch and a great way to spend the last few hours of your evening tonight…

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