Music Moment: Uschi-No-Michi, “Ameratsu – The Remixes”

22 May




Unlike those fools around me, I hate summer. I can’t sleep, so I’m always tired and down. It’s sunny, but I’m a poor prole scum so my eyes are always squinting. I want winter. I want cold and 3 hours of daylight. At least I can be depressed in the dark. Embrace your inner goth!

Sigh… It´s not been a good week to be honest. endorphins and serotonin are flashing “empty” in my brain, and everything and everyone just leaves me cold emotionally. I need something to make me goo “Woo!,” or at least that can be used as a shield against the fools.

What’s this? “Ameratsu” A single from the writer and musician USCHI-NO-MICHI? This could work. Some Bristolized bass heavy electronica allied with chiming  percussive coil-like chimes. And  delicate breathy vocals. Betwitching!


But wait! What’s THIS? There’s more! Uschi-No-Mishi has also released a free EP of remixes for the single. And there are some truly awesome sounds contained within. Of noteworthy listening is the creeping dub remix by Adrian Carter, and the gloriously cracked and chunky remix by Hacker Farm. But it’s the opening track, a sprawling epic reworking by Production Unit that’s worth your time this evening.  In doing a remix in the classic form, he’s completely broken apart the track into little pieces, thrown away the parts that don’t interest him, and stitched the essence of the remaining pieces back together into a new mutated form as well as clipping and stretching her vocals till all that’s left is a heavy breathing mantra stating “I want to FffffFFFFfffFFF!” Haunting and moody. Go and listen.



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