Music Moment: MASS “s/t EP”

03 Jun

Forests are fucking creepy, aren’t they?

For all our wonderful technocratic lives that we lead, we still can’t escape the pre-industrial pull that the forest exerts on us. It been the central place of supernatural carve-ups since time immemorial. From poor little Red Riding Hood nearly becoming a part of some inter species murder roleplay, to Hansel & Gretel, The Blair Witch, The Evil Dead, Southern Comfort & Rambo, the dark forest is a psychic environment in those places causes basic humanity as a construct to be weakened and something nastier, more primal rules the roost.

For example, I’ve been watching for a while now a long running YouTube channel titled MARBLE HORNETS. It´s a chilling supernatural video serial centred around the myth of “The Slender Man” and a man trying to piece together a mystery of a missing film student friend. Most of the action take place in heavily wooded areas. It´s so quiet and eerie that even when the scenes are filmed in broad daylight, there is an undeniable tension in the air.

MASS would be at home in that world. A simple night dwelling duo, their “sound” is a primal scream of tearing red-lining noise, as if the forest itself is giving birth to something not quite animal, not quite human. From the cortex tearing feedback at the beginning, the four songs in their debut EP of crust covered hardcore just tears at you to find out what is truly at the centre of your being. Riffs crash and flail, while the drumming comes across like a someone throwing their whole weight into a puddle. I played this to Mrs Sex Farm, only for her to wince in pain after 5 minutes. she said “They just sound as if they are in pain.” I’m not surprised at that comment. here’s definitely a knotted, twisted aspect to the vocals. Think of a fox caught in a bear-trap

Eventually the noise finally breaks down into a heap of fiery crackling drones. They then walk back into the blackened forest, with only their silhouettes visibly against the backdrop of the flames.

Fucking hate forests I do….


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