INFOFELCH: Off to the homelands tomorrow – powering down….

06 Jun

First off some Linkbait

I took local death metal band OPHIDIAN I to feed the ducks…. because the paper asked me to. hilarity ensues!

– My review of Bloodgroup’s “Tracing Echoes” is up and you can read it here.

Currently making my way through the pile of musics I bought/downloaded over the weekend.

– Wow ‘Abandon’ by Pharmakon is bloody heavy innit? Mixing noise with black metal aesthetics, but there is a rather high level or work that seems to have gone into that production. Reminds me a little of the creative leaps that were done by Prurient over the last couple of years. Imagine that – hi gloss black metal noise!

– Kode9’s ‘Rinse: 22′ mix is surprisingly upbeat and VERY trappy. I can definitely get what Joe Muggs was referring to about him in his live review of DMZ’s 8th Birthday bash. He seems to have signed onto trap as definite blend of head/party music, blending it with UK funky and bouncing house from Champion and Funkystepz, to footwork from RP Boo and DJ Rashad.

– Paula Temple’s “Colonized” & _Unsubscribe’s “- Spek Hondje” almost sound TOO hard! Huge wads of soundbrick wave techno, i made the mistake of playing them first at 9:30am and almost couldn’t handle it. Was much more into it after a few beers (Mental note: Must buy more drugs).

– Blackest Ever Black continue to be my auteur label of choice. Two very different releases. Dalhous’ ‘An Ambassador For Laing,’ and Alexander Lewis’ ‘A Luminous Veil.’ The former is rather oppressive, but clean and bright downtempo beats. It’s as if Beatmakin Troopa went to the dark side and REALLY upped the bass quotient. wouldn’t mind seeing these two perform live actually. Alexander Lewis meanwhile is industrial strength EDM, with very lo-fi and rather rough arpeggios that were apparently created by only the simplest of pedals. One for all the Hospital Records fans out there.

 – Downloaded this mix by Mumdance last night that was being bigged up by FACT magazine. Found myself immediately liking this a lot. Very minimal with just the beats over the simple basslines, as if he’s doing the them live on an AKAI sampler or something. A lot of it is very luminescent and bright in its sonic attack, that will remind you of the stuff that’s been put out by Jam City and Nightslugs over the last 12 months.  Immediately noted the Chameleons sample from “Monkeyland” 20 minutes in and got a shout out from him from it! (Polishes his own ego as we speak).

OK that’s it for now. Am off to the UK tomorrow to look at some new combine harvesters and potential livestock options. Well we are going to Cornwall after all!

in the meantime, here’s a really funky, hard steppin, “nu” garage track from WALTON titled “homage” it’s that hard bass with the slinky female vocal samples that do it justice. BOOM!


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