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19 Jun


Well after nearly 2 weeks away, it’s time to scrape the rust off the valves, chase out the rats from the dark crannies and fire up the generators to get this blog running again.

There will be a post or two in the coming week about the old exploits in the big smoke, plus a possible semi-interview or two. But until then, here are some links/mixes/titbits that should interest you….

– An interview with our delightful friend KEMPER NORTON in the Quietus. It’s really good to see him getting some well proper attention for the music he does. Loki (AKA Saxon Roach) offers some extra insight into the life of Kemper here.

– BIG NEWS from our portal masters in Brighton, THE OUTER CHURCH. Double album compilation as well as four big ass nights to celebrate the release in August. Go over there and check out the news.

– We have some nice new friends over at KIT RECORDS. They have radio shows, mixes and lots of nice tunes. Here’s a new mix from a mysterious fellow named THE NAGS HEAD. Listen here.

– A really interesting old school techstep mix over at SONIC RAMPAGE. Contains all the greats from the likes of Ruffige Kru, Dillinja, and Source Direct!.

– An even more interesting/mysterious mix over at READYMADE RECORDS, Titled “Irazu – Jealous God 01” it’s available to stream/download for free, and it’s chockka with tracks from Tangerine Dream to suicide to British Murder Boys. On further inspection, it turn out that it’s by none other than those dark lords REGIS and SILENT SERVANT! Whoo!! Go here to check it out before they shut it down!

– Finally… just before I went on holiday, I received a message from local friend Sævar Markus about some new music on the horizon. Like me Sævar is a bit of the fan of the uncanny parallel life forces that exist in society today. But while I’m more into the symbiosis of urban and rural electronica, Sævar has a thing obsession for true pastoral folk, ’60s psychedelic pop, and spooky film/TV from the last 50 years. A true Hauntoloigist, there is no way he was born in Iceland!

Anyhoo, this release is from an outfit who call themselves CHILDREN OF ALICE. closer inspection reveal themselves to be none other than Broadcast’s James Cargill and former member Roj, as well as Ghost Box impresario Julian house!.

The release (on Bandcamp) is also seemingly part of a wider, even more enigmatic, project called Folklore Tapes.Concrete info on the track, as well as the tape release it’s supposed to be part of, is rather hard to come by, but from those who are really into the transmission from the likes of The Focus group, and later era Broadcast, then this is right up your street.



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