Music Moment, The Implicit Order, “Cults”

18 Jul

One of the more interesting trends to be seen with internet music over the last 18 months is the phenomenon of the “Time Stretched” music track. Put simply, it’s when you take a track and with some simple software, stretch it to near astronomical levels. The end result is something that’s actually rather extraordinary. It’s the taking of a piece of sound and pulling it apart to the point where you’re hearing the gaps between the music. You’re listening to music at a granular, molecular level, where the sound waves take such a time to change, it has the sensation more likes dunes of sand shifting in the wind.  

Some of the tracks made create an extra level or spookiness onto something that is already dark and menacing.


It can make almost any track sound decent…..


It´s this level of time being pulled apart, of a central fixed point of focus that I hear when I listen to the music made by THE IMPLICIT ORDER. The (now solo) project of Anthony Washburn, he´s been diving through the realm of underground tape music in the US for over two decades now. Here’s the bio (So i don’t have to parse and retype it)… 

The Implicit Order started in 1989 as a Mail Art project and by the early 1990’s it developed into a full-time musical project incorporating many of the early Industrial/Experimental ideas of the late 70’s, 1980’s and beyond. The band always tried to inject a sense of the Occult, humor and an off-kilter view into the image and recordings. The Implicit Order was active in the Cassette Culture of the 1990’s up to 2001. In 2002 the band took a break from recording and resumed in 2008. I/O have released many recordings on Cassette, CD, CDR, and digital download and have appeared on various compilations. ..

This off-kilter look at the world can be heard in one of their recent release on their Bandcamp page, ‘Cults.’ Taking its inspiration from the myriad of cults and sects that contaminated the western world in the ’70s & ’80s, many of the tracks utilise aspect of granular, timestretched sound to create a woozy, listless undertow that sets the listener adrift from their surroundings, pulling you gently into its sphere of influence…. Just like a cult you would say. I can imagine this is how it must be like in the head of an indoctrinated member anyway.  All the while you’re gently bombarded with sermons/chants/ohms from the great and good, beckoning you to drink the aural kool aid and join them in their alien paradise.

After listening to this, I for one now accept my new lords and masters as they’ve promised me my place in technocrat heaven, where the Angels have metallic wings and clouds are made of strings of condensed data.



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One response to “Music Moment, The Implicit Order, “Cults”

  1. forestpunk

    July 19, 2013 at 3:35 am

    i also have been rather intrigued, watching this style emerge. I think its kind of fascinating that a person could theoretically spend their entire lives watching one microsecond of the past over and over, stretched out to obsession. This ability is bound to have profound implications on our psychology. Babboons certainly can’t watch the same second over and over. Either we’ll sink into neurosis and nostalgia, or we’ll burst into creative evolutionary enlightenment. I am imagining a race of superartists, and i’ll never forgive this generation(our generation), if they fuck it up. Gonna give this one a listen. Probably pop back around and share some thoughts, if i have any.


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