Nordic Interstitial thresholds: We would Become Ruins

30 Jul


After what was a bit of an enforced break, I’ve decided to get back into the mixtape business again with a new mixcloud NITcast.

Whereas in the past, there was often a main overriding theme, this mix was basically run on intuition and from a snippet from an old documentary on old London town. In other words, complete and utter guesswork. But still fun to do, as it veers from female centred library and soundtrack music, Industrial post punk and bizarre ’70s modulator synth workouts, to emo 2-step and ghostly acid house and techno. .

In the end I had to trim some really good tunes off the mix to get it down from over 2 hours to a more manageable 90 minutes. Even though I loved it, I have to imagine that there are people who lead busy lives out there. Boring and lifeless, but still busy nonetheless.

So give yourself a good listen to this one, especially if you don’t fancy stuff that is happy, preppy and poppy in life.

For a high quality mp3 of the mix, simply download HERE:

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