Goods Bought/Received On The Farm: August 2013

04 Aug

God I love mp3’s. Otherwise i wouldn’t be able to buy so much good quality shit, especially as a mixture of work cock ups and government tax trolls have meant that my regular paycheck is down 40% this month. Vinyl is not really an option for me as not only is it expensive, all of what I buy is outside of Iceland and runs the risk of getting damaged, or being stopped by customs trolls who slap extra charges on it before they let it though (they charged an extra 40% on those Regis CDs I bought). CDs are possible, for the right release (Such as the brilliant Outer Church Compilation)

So if you are poor then buying mp3’s is the way to go. BEGONE VINYL NERDS!!


Special Request – Hardcore EP
Rodhad – Blindness
Rodhad – 1984
Oscar Mulero – Transversal
Nativ – Bandulu EP
Geiom feat Terrible Shock – 2-4-6
Decibel – Falchion EP
Kimono – Aquarium
Tranquil – Tjörnin
Charlton – Chaotic Behaviour EP
Steve Moore – Panther Moderns EP
Eccentronic Research Council – Bun Fight in the Open University Staff Room EP
Killawatt – Opposing Rhetoric part 2
Pye Corner Audio – Conica Space
Lightning Glove – Raving Peacocks Tail
THE KVB, REGIS, SILENT SERVANT – Immaterial Visions Remixes
Sean Danke – Different Vibe


Tunng – Turbines
These New Puritans – Field of Reeds
Friction – FABRICLIVE 70
Morð – Morð
Grísalappalísa – Ali
Floorplan – Paradise
Young Echo – Nexus
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