Music Moment: Le Thug, “Ripping EP”

06 Aug


Apologies as I think this is going to be a bit of a lazy ass post this evening. Not really my fault. Back at work today so am feeling grimy and tired. Have also just eaten a MASSIVE bacon sandwich which has sapped my ability to do anything meaningful. But I will try to keep my brain active just long enough to type this. I promise somethig a little more substantial in the coming week….

As with more online/digital culture norms these days, a lot of new music that comes my way is in the form of hints, tips and recommendations. In many ways it’s replaced what used to pass for me making an informed decision from reading a decent music press. 

So when a friends (Cheers Graham) posted a link on FB last week about a band called Le’ Thug, I initially thought that they were referring to the seriously underrated and unknown French punk band Les Thugs.


But no. Instead Le’ Thug are a 3-piece from my old neck of the woods in Glasgow. And they’ve released a free EP out into the wild to be picked up by our grasping little hands. Straight off you can hear the shimmering/ambient/shoegaze worldview. Many people will go for a MBV/Cocteau Twins call, but these guys owe more to the likes of Nadja. with the use of electronics providing the rhythms along with huge, washed out guitars, and female centred vocals. Continuing the fine Scottish tradition of emotional noise. I suggest you grab a copy.


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