Music Moment: Mordant Music, “Nothing in Here of Any Value”

14 Aug

Some links….

Angus Findlayson in Pitchfork about the false jungle memories of new releases from Demdike Stare, Four Tet, and Special Request

Grand poobah of electronic music writing, Simon Reynolds  making some notes on this trend as well.

14 Tracks have released their latest compilation today – Hardcore Will Never Die,  Pt II

YES, it seems that this autumns must have music style is MAXed out to the fuck hardcore/jungle reworkings. Not that I’m complaining, that much. It seems that all of this is going down the route techno has been over the last 18 months with many artists taking the main tropes and stretching and pushing the soundscapes to different places. To try to perhaps cause some kind of exothermic music reaction and cause some kind of shift in new sounds and styles.

I have most of the tracks featured on the 14Tracks comp (I especially recommend the track from Special Request, AKA Paul Woolford), but there was one track that inexplicably slipped past my radar. That track being the latest release from MORDANT MUSIC and EKOPLEKZ contains some live electronics noodling, but this, the lead track from the Baron is something else. It’s full of hard flashbacks to old skool ‘ardkore beats, that sound rather tasty. But it’s that boinging super sub bass along with some threatening modular noises that gives this piece that uncanny “otherness” aspect. That, and the fact that Baron Mordant has made an evil, sinister video to go along with it. ccompanied with only the simple phrase “A junglist note found in Savile’s bleak holiday hideaway,” it’s a grainy warped VHS unsettlefest full of post industrial bleakness, empty corridors and locked doors, and people that seem melted, bent out of shape, or simply plain broken. It’s something that could have come straight from “Blue Jam.” It’s bloody creepy from start to finish. What’s even more intriguing is the way the track seems to blow itself out just after half way and all your left with are the remnant whooshes and echoes that seem to be the thought patterns of the poor man who’s gurning in in the video.

This video is fucking wrong. I love it!


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One response to “Music Moment: Mordant Music, “Nothing in Here of Any Value”

  1. Leigh Wright

    August 22, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    I recently discovered there’s some pretty authentic things happening in the Jungle too – this album from Kid Lib is superb:


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