Music Moment: Sebastian Palomar, “Sebastian Palomar’s Alpine Retreat”

22 Aug

You know how cultural wonks often talk about the lack of attachment that’s associated with having digital ephemeral content, such as Mp3 and e-books, when compared to physical objects such as CDs, books, or Vinyl?

Well those people are talking out of their collective arses. It’s been a few says now since my external hard drive went café kaput. And I thought I´d be fine with the scraps I have on my desktop (Dikta? NOOOOOO!!) or with my CDs and other streaming services.

But the reality is that I’m actually starting to hurt a bit over the withdrawals arising from potentially losing so much music. Hundred of Gigs of music that I’ve bought, and ripped from vinyl and CD (OK, there is the odd download in there as well) and I can’t get at it. For example I´m reading, “The Fallen,” Dave Simpson’s account of how he tried to track down and speak to every member that had appeared in The Fall, and while reading him fire off numerous album and song titles, I fancied firing up a few of the Fall Albums that I own to get more of a feel for the musicians that I’m reading about. Except I can’t because I don’t have the original CDs any more and my digital copies are on my borked drive. Bugger in hell. Oh, and don’t come over here saying that I wouldn’t be having this problem if I bought the albums in Vinyl, or I will call you a self-righteous fuck and take an acetylene torch to you blasted 45s

But I´m still chipper as there are always some silver linings. Such as something that was posted to me last week. After I posted my feature on KIT RECORDS, i get an email from Jack Fryer, aka Jack that guy who runs DRAMATIC RECORDS. He says it was great meeting when I was in London, although it was only brief, and would I be interested in hearing a new track from an artist who has a pending release on his label.

OK, I´m game, so I click and listen. The artist in question an Italian lad known as SEBASTIAN PALOMAR who has a new album coming out called “The Physical And Emotional Benefits of Swimming,” an based around the concept of… well the title of the album. From the tracks I’ve heard, there’s definitely a conceit based in retro stylings, but one with a lot of thought and care put into it’s signifiers, from famous ’70s swimmers, to Carl Sagan, self-help literature, and ideological phoney-ism.

Take this track, “Sebastian Palomar’s Alpine Retreat.” It starts off with an immersive oozing synth underfoot, you’re treated to a warm luxurious almost floaty listening experience. Definite shades of Air and Hype Williams as if they were doing ’80s advert soundtrack for the likes of imperial leather soap, or Cadbury’s flake chocolate. Music that’s rich with just that hint of sensuality.


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