Music Moment: Moin “EP”

20 Sep

A short post….

You know I love the Blackest Ever Black label, right?

Well they have some new releases  in the pipeline, and I’ve just heard this one today in full. Wooo, MOIN. Essentially they’re RAIME but going down a slightly different route to their spare, empty musicscapes. And they’ve just released a debut 12″ with BEB that is seriously making me do that old man, “why don’t they make music like this these days?” routine…

When I heard this, the first thing that (along with just about everyone else) entered my mind was STEVE ALBINI! RAPEMAN BUDD EP!! Not difficult to see really. “EP” totally captures that full on abstractness in rock that with the exception of Codeine, very few bands manage to do. The ability to display full on intensity yet still have a complete and complex mystery about them and where they’re coming from.

All the tracks have that same repeating, rolling drum rhythms at play, an organic breakbeat along with some deserted low slung guitar drones and strums that are only punctuated by random stream of consciousness scream that have to be the spit of Albini. There’s a big nasty nihilistic hole at the centre of this “EP,” and that’s why I’m so buying the shit out of it.

I’m going to starting drinking again now…


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