Andskotinn Einmana Jökull Tónlist – Episode 5, The Blood Feast Of Grýla…

24 Oct


Whoo Hoo! it´s been, what… 2 months already? Well with Airwaves less than a week away, I thought it would be best to put together another special NITcast of Icelandic music, that had nothing to do with Airwaves at all! that’s who I roll peeps!

This latest edition is a musical offering to Grýla, the horrifying monster that was known to eat kids in the wintertime and stuff. Apparently stories about her were so scary that in ye olde times, they actually passed a law to stop telling stories about her because the kids were getting too traumatised to do their 12 hours a day of unrelenting work.

So with that in mind, this mix is a big 99 minutes lab of true, decent Icelandic music (So no Dikta or Dimma then!) that you can stream or download and listen to your heart’s content. From classic favourites to RSF such as HJALTALÍN, I ADAPT, LAY LOW, JAN MAYEN, and TRÚBROT, as well as some not so well known artists. Oh, and we also have one of the most offensive records ever to have been released in Iceland. If you are Icelandic, be warned…. this will turn your cow’s milk sour! Careful now…

A special thanks for this mix goes out to my friend Sævar Markús, who loaned a HUGE amount of old (and somewhat rare) vinyl for me to rip and use in this mix. Some of the records were rather old and creaky, but when some of them records are nearly 40 years old, you tend not to complain too much about them. Sævar, the help was much appreciated!

If you like what you hear, then you can also download the track HERE

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