Music Moment: Gavin Miller, “Manuskript”

13 Nov


Suffering slightly from that Post-Airwaves comedown here on the farm. you know how it is. spending several nights with little sleep, living on a diet of beer, speed, battery acid and the discarded remains of hot dogs thrown on the ground by tourists. It’s no wonder that the minute I finally said on Sunday, “Sod it. I’m going home and having a cup of tea under my quilt.”  my entire immune system shut down like the containment field in ‘Ghostbusters.’ The week has since been spent leaking lumpy snot, coughing up chunks of green matter, and heading off to the country to partake in clean air and wild game meat. Generally keeping away from the world for my own good.

But now I’m back in the harsh, real world,of Reykjavik, and it’s time get back into the swing of things writing-wise. And for tonight’s post, we have a new installment of REVIEWING SOMEONE’S MUSIC BECAUSE THEY ASKED ME TO! Tonight’s review episode comes courtesy of Gavin Miller. Nice guy that Gavin. And a rather busy one as well. A wholesome northern lad (He´s from t’Bradford y’know), he’s one half of Manc atmospheric electronic outfit GHOSTING SEASON, as well as running his own label THIS IS IT FOREVER. So several weeks ago, he sent me a message on FB along the lines of, “Hey Bob, I’ve been releasing some of my own solo noodlings on my label for a bit of a laugh. We all know how cool and honest you are in reviewing people’s music. Fancy sharing some of those brilliant blog stats on my latest release?” Well OK, he didn’t say it like that, but that’s how it sounded in my head.

But he’s a kindhearted soul, so after a long time of him asking me, I though yeah OK, why not give his stuff a spin? So his current release is titled ‘Manuskript,’ the third and last in a short series of solo releases (hot on the heels of  the ambient ‘Fotograf’ and the krautrock fused ‘Instruktion’). Split into two tracks, the first track has a 10 minute long meditative drone throb as it’s spine through which slightly pugnacious bass sounds and rhythmic beats ping and bounce off the soundwaves. And it sails on this mode for a while till the junglist beats suddenly come into play and snap everything into shape towards the end. Possibly the modern definition of mean and moody. Music for those who have Demdike Stare on constant repeat on their turntables.

The second track is a shorter, more laidback in its approach. A simple bass motif and arpeggiated synth riff which is augmented by some underwater electronic meanderings. OK that stuff is rather soothing actually. some shades of  nighttime dipping in the South Asian sea with some glowing Manatees on mushrooms. At least that was the firs thing that entered into my head.

So yeah Gavin, I’ll give it to ya. You did pretty good on this one, and at only £1.50 for the digital purchase, you’ve got a bit of a bargain there. When the next Ghosting Season album coming out??


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