Music Moment: Time Attendant, “Iridium Watcher”

03 Dec

It seems right now that in a weird turn of events over the last few weeks, I’m slowly becoming swamped under a rather pleasant deluge of what’s turning out to be rather great music. There has been the pile of new digital releases that have found their way onto my mp3 player as well as a swathe of CDs and other assorted goodies. And within these releases, there are some real gems that are making me rather excited inside. It’s just finding the time to active listen to all of it and gather and our out my thoughts onto the keyboard that’s the issue, which cold be problematic as some of these are for reviewing for the local paper (What a sucker, eh?).

And in an extra layer of fun, Christmas is coming and there are pressing engagements. My job is fast coming to an end and I needing to prep for the scary, yet exciting life as a mature student that awaits me after the new year. And that’s before I have to buy ALL OF THE PRESENTS IN THE WORLD, not to mention the cooking of as much protein as our engorged bodies can handdle. Oh, and booze as well!

So if I’m, to get on top of it all, then I need to get some proper time management skillz. So first on the list is to tell you about tonight’s music moment. In previous posts, I’ve talked a bit about a fast growing and DIY music scene that is coalescing around curated compilationsrecord labels, assorted artists, bloggers and other cultural agitators and motivators. As one commentator noted, many of the people involved, “Spent the late 20th century just absorbing stuff, then spent the naughties blogging about it, then some sort of collective time-bomb went off in all their heads and suddenly all this new music/art/ideas started spewing out.” The result is a beguiling mix, of folk, electronica, neo-industrial and avantgarde, held together by a DIY sense of community and politics where people are collaborating and banding together for the cultural benefit of each other. And while many of the people involved are UK-based, thanks to the internet, people from outside those shores are getting stuck in and involved.

Take this upcoming release, ‘Treacherous Orb EP’ by TIME ATTENDANT on More Than Human records. Time Attendant is the moniker of south London resident and impish rascal Paul Snowdon, while More Than Human is the label and radio show driven by blogger and DJ Gareth Moses .A collaborator with the likes of The Outer Church and Exotic Pylon (Who released his ‘Tournaments‘ EP last year, along with an upcoming album ‘Bloodhounds’), Paul delves into creating all manner of wyrd, woozy and creaky electronic music that is decidedly rakish in nature. Crafting modulating sounds that bulge, wheeze and pop, hazy omnidirectional loops and slouch and rumble with menace, and snippets of recorded sounds that rustle underneath. It´s electronic gutter music that has energy underneath its dirt crush.

But on “Iridium Watcher,” from ‘Treacherous Orb,’ we see the Time Attendant shakes himself down and brushes off the excess grime to see some gleaming chrome shine through. Minimalist, restrained beats are mixed with plaintive synth lines, ghostly atmospherics, clicking found sounds skitter and glance off the music, and inhuman voices sigh, shout and gargle. Shade of Moon Wiring Club coming off a bit of a bad trip. Enhanced mood music for darkened rooms and roaring fires (or decent central heating systems).


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