Hello there! don’t run away! I’m still alive apparently….

10 Jan

Hey there.

Even though i did a post yesterday, I’ve realised that I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks on the blog. A mix of Xmas and post new years ennui have meant that things like a roundup of 2013 resulted in me looking at the screen, going “Naaaaah. can’t really be bothered with this.”

Suffice to say 2013 was pretty much pockmarked by depression, anger, banging my head (metaphorically) against the wall and trying to get my head around a truly toxic stasis that politics and culture in Iceland and other countries had become. Oh there was some good stuff going on out there (There always is), but seeing how comfortable contemporary culture has become and how the cultural industries fully adopted the language and tactics of the market in order to justify their existence to people who never really cared about them in the first place just brought a deep sense of despair. You’d despair too at the levels of dissonance and disavowal by people who should know better..

But it’s 2014 now. I’ve quit my job and am now going back to school to study film and try to learn Icelandic in an academic setting. This has meant a lot of running around like an idiot over the last week, getting registered for all sorts of cards, loans and other such guff. This has meant that things have been quiet here over the last cpl of weeks and might be over the coming month

Going forward I’ll still be here. there will be commentary, the odd review and general ranting, but if there are moments of deadness and quiet on this blog, then don’t worry. It’s just that I’m reading 34 page essays on the power of the movie close up, and avant-garde films from 1920s Denmark. Fun shit i know!

So until I get the time or energy to write something decent, I leave you with this….(Cos I only remember about it this afternoon after a long time not listening to it….).

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