Linkbait Saturdays! For when you’re too scared to leave the house!!

01 Feb

Until I manage to pull my head out of my arse and get some actual writing done for the blog….

Resident Advisor: An alternate history of sexuality in club culture: A huge in depth piece on reminding people on the roots of dance music in LGBT subcultures…..

Notes From The Vomitarium: Return Key: a short story/blog post about how thanks to algorithmic programming we’re becoming like rats waiting for internet pills of pleasure.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Macklemore, starving, hysterical, naked: Macklemore is shit. always has been. Calling what he does “conscious” art, only serves to ignore the actual lack of any decent craft

The Quietus: 10 Things That Need To Change To Save Independent Venues: Andy Inglis lists what needs to change if UK independent Gig venues and networks are to keep on surviving in this day and age. Seeing this after our jaunt in Glasgow, I couldn’t help but agree. Also needs to be investigated in Iceland as well.

Sonicly Speaking: Sindri Eldon’s Guide To Music That Doesn’t Suck: Grapevine writer and scourge of self righteous fools Sindri Eldon has recently started a music blog about music that he actually likes. the stuff on here is solid gold writing. check out his feature on Swans ans Frank Zappa.

And just for you all, here’s a nice song to keep you posted until the next batch of posts can be done….

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