Long Live The New Flesh: When Metal & Circuitry Mix Together

11 Mar


A couple of weeks ago one of my good friends says he doing a remix. My friend is very much into electronics, industrial music, all that stuff.

I ask him what he’s remixing. He tells me that it’s a track for an upcoming release from a black metal band. As he plays it to me, it’s a long drawn out mix of black metal ambiance and power electronic noise bursts.

I liked it, but afterwards I come to realise that there’s been a fair amount of recent meshing between various brands of extreme metal and bass heavy electronic artists in the last year.

First of you had Irish Black Metallers ALTAR OF PLAGUES (Whose current album I was tipped to by my friend Guðny Lára). When they released ‘Teethed Glory And Injury’ in Japan, they added this mix from local boy electronic composer BEN FROST.

Which was then followed late last year with ANDY STOTT’s remix of BATILLUS’ “Concrete” (Hear the original here)

and recently crusher of souls (And Ben Frost doppelgänger) THE HAXAN CLOAK, working with THE BODY on their latest album.

Naturally the mixing of electronics and metal sounds are nothing new (Justin Broadrick, Ministry, Burzum’s “Dark Ambient” albums in prison, a million other industrial metal albums). It does seem though that in this case there seems to be more of a meeting of like minds, as opposed to a coming together of opposites. these guys all seem to operating in that liminal space between solid blocks of music (Long drawn out tones, sluggish meter) along with falling into that aesthetic abyss of “cosmic pessimism” that i talked about recently. Even though they have different hardware, i guess it was only a matter of time before they started coming together in a darkened room. I wonder who will be next on the bill? Perc and Watain? Raime and Wolvserpent??

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