Hey there! Still alive apparently…

15 Apr

Evening there You may have noticed the lack of blogging activity over the last couple of weeks. Well this is not due to me throwing in the towel (Perish the thought! I’m not done just yet…), but alas my IRL commitments on my course are taking president. End of term exams, studying, and essays mean that i will be acting like a stressed out weasel over the next few weeks. And that’s even before it comes to the hell that is looking for a job in downtown Reykjavik over the summer. This means having to jostle with competition that, while more callow and possibly not as sharp in the head dept, are naturally more hip, thinner and less cynical than yours truly lol.

I’ll still be making small micro posts as I’m still writing pieces for the Grapevine (Shit, I’ve just remembered that i need to get an interview organised!!), because I get paid for doing that. anything that appears online will end up on here.

In the meantime, have a decent Easter and i think you should all go and buy ‘Thrusters,’ the top notch record from UK bonkers tone bender NOCHEXXX on Ramp Recordings. it will do you the world of good!


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