Music Moment: DJ Mayhem – Inesse (Ray Keith Remix) – and others….

04 Mar


Where am I?

What year is this?

Who’s the president of the United States?????

So yes… as I stumble bleary eyed, blinking into the light like some kind of cellar dweller victim,  it seems that I’ve been away now for what seems to have been one hell of a hiatus. And for that I can only apologise.This “break” from all writing (Including this blog) which took me out of action for most of 2014 was something that was self enforced for health reasons (Mental and physical), only for me to go and go back to school to enroll in Film Studies at the University of Iceland. While it’s not the same kind of exertion at being a labourer, the amount of study it entails has taken up a lot of my time. For example, I have to read and review on 2 papers this morning, go to a class, spent an hour editing a piece I’ve been doing for the University’s culture journal about the digital aesthetics of Björk (that damn piece has taken me too long to write!) and this evening, I’ve been reading papers about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for a philosophy paper due in a few weeks.

I’m actually having the time of my life, but the reality is that I’m often so rammed with day to day coursework and other things, by the time I get around to thinking of perhaps writing a few hundred words for this blog, I simply go “naaaaah. I’ll do it tomorrow.” this has been my mode of thinking now for the last 3 months.

But I am now kicking myself hard to instill some kind of protestant work ethic into this flabby creaking body, and to squeeze some last few drops of synaptic energy from my depleted brain for this post.

Because I’m attending classes and meetings and stuff, I’m not listening to music attentively as much as I should be doing. 10 minutes here, a 10 minutes blast there while I go to the shops. This means that my inbox of old and new music that I’ve bought is slowly building up in the corner, going “you’ve bought me, Why haven’t you played me you fucker???”

This hasn’t been helped by the seemingly endless wormhole I’ve found myself being sucked into that is JUNGLE/DnB 1992-94!! On a whim I flipped on that wonderful mix that Raime did for FACT magazine that contained nothing but underground jungle from ’94-95. And somehow I found my brain realigning myself with the rhythm and neural pathways in the songs, giving me the ability to read and think a little longer than usual. A tip from a friend led me to an old torrent of hard to find jungle tracks form that era. and that’s all I’ve been listening to for the past 2 weeks. HALP! IMA LOST IN DA NUUM!

Anyway here’s some of the tracks what’ve been making my synapses buzz.

Is it good to be back? I’m not sure but this’ll do for now.


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