Music Moment: Kelela, “A Message”

23 Mar

apropos to my previous Björk post, here is an example of the new rockin’ FKA/Arca/#Feelings digi-baroque sensibility in effect. Production naturally or course comes from Arca, who seems to be bloody everywhere right now (probably created several digital clones all jacked up to hyper-fast liquid-meth broadband so he can work on all those projects he’s currently doing). but while he can sometimes blow hot and cold, but on this one he completely nails it.

but of course it’s the sensuous visuals that do it for me. The use of lighting at first monochrome, then with cool UV blue, renders her skin first as bronzed stature, then with a metallic finish. The jerky, but smooth body movements and distorted backwards cinematography give her body that whole complementary “cool” media sensate cyborg dimension.

And the comes the animated sequence where everything become fluid and bubbling with hints of Akria at the erupting and dividing flesh. Both the video and song is music that is pretty much of the now. i like!


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Posted by on March 23, 2015 in Video


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