ICYMI: The rise of album trailers and real/fake/whatever artistry….

30 Mar

Our man Loki recently posted this about a “trailer/poster” for the new album from Palmbomen on RVNG Intl.

In his short but sweet post, he refers to such videos as opera posters, that they are “a culture in themselves, somehow distinct from the performance they’re referring to.”

These are becoming a thing aren’t they? have been for a little while; Something that’s more than a mere teaser on soundcloud or Youtube. I’ve recently seen the following blasts from Liturgy (that seems to have elements of esoteria and Jodorowsky), and an intriguing trailer from Low Jack (incorporating some dressmaking)

Loki then says “it seems that the slow democratization of PR is now in full force.” Mind you when we now have metalheads making fake ad campaigns with fully forms “bands” and “songs” supposedly done to troll corporations, then we seem to be creating/warping/smashing the language of authenticity, marketing and desire (one of the fake bands, MORTUS, is actually a name used by several real bands!). Hear that? that’s the sound of all types of referentiality collapsing in on itself. You no longer have any idea what is fake reality, or real fakery.

Simulacra for dummies kids!

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