Music Moment: Mick Finesse, “The Glamour Of Despondency”

21 May

So it’s nearly 11pm and it’s still nice and bright outside, albeit raining. Mrs Sex Farm has decided to abandon her husband and our feline son to go to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah (i.e. Norway) for a long weekend to see a friend. And I’m skint, otherwise I would have been at the WORLD NARCOSIS album release gig tonight (Will probably have to write a little piece about their album in the near future when I get the time). Ahh the joys of Summer be upon me!

And of course to make it all just that wee bit better, I’ve lovingly decided to overreach myself in the name of music… again., I’ve got a steadily growing folder of albums in my “FOR REVIEWING PURPOSES” folder, some of them instead of the usual half baked nonsense are actually rather excellent, important albums, where they need a fair amount of deep thought, thinking and piercing insight to go with them. In other words, this is not a drill – it’s time to man up and have opinions and shit on stuff. Eek! And that’s not event counting the folders of other stuff that people keep sending me out of the goodness of their hearts, folder that have spread over my desktop folder like a bad case of shingles. I need to find the time and energy to plough though them all.

So tonight’s big up/hot tip is going to be short and a little sweet. The Glamour Of Despondency by MICK FINESSE is one of the latest releases to come from BROKEN 20, that lovely Scottish independent label that’s run by RuaridhTVO, Production Unit and Erstlaub (AKA Ruaridh, Dave and David). They’ve been building up a good solid rep over the last few years, releasing their own music as well as concentrating on artists who align to their aesthetic of music that is faded, fragmented and corroded, be it noise, drone, techno, of bass music. Mick Finesse is a case in point. The Denver producer has made a small but noticeable batch of techno releases on the likes of Perc Trax and 22 records, each one with tracks that have sparse, almost austere atmospherics. Often the tracks consist of little more that a heavily echo’d and processed rhythm with hiss and drones lurking in the background. they contain a ghostly almost ephemeral quality to them. they tick and pulse alone as if they’re the music that machine make among themselves when the hoomans have gone home to sleep for the night.

With the Glamour Of Despondency, we see Finesse take his music and tear open some of the stitching joins holding it all together to let the noise and coolant spill out over the casings. That same minimal, sparse quality is there, but now the rhythms don’t tick so much as thwack. the drones don’t hum as much as they grind and seethe. the machine don’t sound too happy on this record. and who can blame them. We hoomans are big sucky flesh bags that can barely tie our own shoelaces. Frankly I’m amazed they haven’t gone all Skynet on us by now.

But if you get the chance, break open a few quid on this release. 7 quid is a good asking price for some well made, exquisitely crafted techno mashings, that show that the long line of quality from the terrible trio over a Broken 20 shows no sign of slowing down just yet.


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