Reviews: The Quietus: Lakker – ‘Tundra’

28 May


So I finally managed to grow a pair by breaking my duck and writing for that esteemed bastion of music and cultural writing THE QUIETUS (Twinned with Mordor obs!), with a review for Tundra from the Irish techno duo LAKKER. you can read it here. I don’t know why I didn’t get around to pitching to them earlier. Johnny Mugwump was on my ear to do it a cpl of years ago. Probably self-doubt and fear probably played a huge part in it. It really took Dan from Grumbling fur to finally get it into my head that I was ready to take the plunge. Hopefull there’s going to me a lot more of this in the future!

As for the album, it’s a brilliant album, really well done production-wise. it’s also an album that, while is classified as “techno,” really doesn’t seem to belong in the club. That´s not to say that you won’t have a fun time getting yr face blown off by it being blasted on the PA at Berghain or Fabric, but the textures and depths Lakker dive into with this album cries out for you to hear it in a wide open space, preferably somewhere exposed. It’s an album for ragged coastal, northern areas – the Celtic and Nordic areas basically. Places where you can experience extremes of landscape and weather. Rocks. Cliffs. Sea. Mountains. Caves. Cold, Heat. Wind, Rain. Sun. Snow. Its very much an elements types of album experience.

Because of writing this review and listening to Tundra, it has got me thinking a lot more again about the concepts of music and topographies of listening experience, either from the images the music generates in your brain, or places where the music allows your viewing of light, shade and terrain to take on new meaning. Ritual music bascially. i need to try to fish out some old notes I wrote on this that I wrote a few year back from the digital ether. more on that soon.

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