Reykjavik Grapevine: Interviews: Sóley

11 Jun


Last weekend I interviewed Sólety Stéfansdóttir aka SÓLEY for the Reykjavik Grapevine. You can read it here. She also has an album release gig on at Frikirkjan tonight in the run up to the release of her 2nd album Ask The Deep (details at the end of the interview). Alas i can’t go, but I think some of you should at least think about attending and stuff.

She was really nice to interview. Well, it was more of a chat than a straight up interview, an exchange of suggestions and ideas sort of thing. Sóley is just one of those lovely musicians that, even if you’re not really into her music, obviously is one of life’s thinkers, ponderers and slight obsessives (She just thinks more about life and death and shit, instead of politics and cultural theory lol!) We also talked about weird films such as Beyond the Black Rainbow and the music of Aine O’Dwyer, with regards to her plans to hopefully make organ musical pieces. It was also interesting about the way that she visualizes ideas, sounds and structure in a very similar way to how music triggers colours, cinematic images and memories (real and pilfered) in my own head. We just apply our own obsessions and energies into entirely different paths….

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