Killing Them Softly – The art of Mellow Soul

21 Jul

So this appeared in the last few days. Ghostface Killah calling out Action Bronson on video after Bronson dissed him on EPSN recently.

Cue all the back and forth arguments in the socmedia thread about whether Killah “still got it,” or whether “Bronson ever had it.” yadda yadda, etc. Snoozarama

But what really caught my ear was the song that Killah was syncing his calling out to

Ahhh Harold and Dem Blue Notes. True true mellow/Philly Soul of the highest order. and what a song. Pure emotion – heartfealt, pleading, relationship advice, and, most importantly, FOR REAL. oodles of social commentary in there as well.

And this song too…. Feels beyond feels

Reminds me of that great piece David Toop did a while back for the Wire back in 2011 (I think) on Mellow Soul and it’s position in black/latina culture. What was interesting in his speaking to people and hip hop musicians their comments that in a music culture and environment of hyper machismo, violence, brooding and keeping it real, Mellow Soul was the only channel where black men could be exposed to music of  a male POV that showed fragility, vulnerability, that they could love, be hurt, even let out a tear and still “be a man.”

some of the top trax from that time. and there are loads more where that came from….

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