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Mixes: Nordic Interstitial Thresholds: Brutalist Melancholia….

As we try to crank up the gears of blogging production, it also means the awakening or the #NITcasts over at the mixcloud site. has it been EIGHT months since the last one? that is waaay too long.

i actually had someone come to me last night at a gig saying that these #NITcasts were “fucking brilliant.” So I’ve got that going for me then

Go and listen this afternoon. It’s currently number 28 in the Post-Punk charts!! get that mutha rising!!


Sinola Caves – Forever Dilating Eye (Death Waltz Recording Company, 2014)
John T Gast – Infection (Planet Mu, 2015)
Paper Dollhouse – Diane (Night School, 2015)
Laurie Anderson – Gravity’s Angel (Warner Bros, 1984)
Das Kabinette – Something’s on your mind (Minimal Wave, 2008)
The Cannanes – Untitled (Feel Good All Over, 1993)
Beat Rhythm Fashion – Turn of the Century (Bunk Records, 1981)
For Against – Echeleons (Independent Project Records, 1984)
Ed Tomney – A walk to a safehouse act iv the final discovery (The Fine Line, 1995)
Richard Pinhas – Iceland, Part II (Polydor Ramses, 1979)
The Associates -.Q Quarters (Situation Two, 1981)
DVA Dama – Wet Vision (Downwards, 2015)
Anonymous Bash – Postcode Scam (Sambarbeta, 2015)

Mike Ratledge – Riddles Of The Sphinx Sequence 3 (Mordant Music, 2013)

Född Död – De ensammas hus /Northern Electronics, 2015)
IVVVO  – Redux (Danse Noire, 2014)
Ñaka Ñaka – Dioges (Opal Tapes, 2014)
Function / Inland – Odeon (Infrastructure New York, 2015)
Karen Gwyer – Mississippi (No Pain In Pop, 2014)

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Mixes: 8Tracks: “Tip Top Tekno Tek Lyf….”

Aftenoon all!

It’s been a little while since I posed one of these online. It seems that I’ve been doing a lot of buying of banging techno records over the last couple of months. So perhaps it’s best time to share the wonder of my bounty with you!

Um-tss Um-tss um-tss……

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SONAR Reykjavik Is Upon Us. Where Are My Poppers & Cat’s Urine??….

Currently trying to get a large pile of course essays, papers and work entries read, written & understood tonight. For tomorrow the beat driven shindig known as SONAR REYKJAVIK starts in earnest. The Grapevine asked me to write an intro to the festival and suggest some of the acts you should go and see (amazing what 3 cups of tea and 2 hours of writing can produce). Of course i was required to be a bit diplomatic in tone on the intro. It definitely seems like a decent festival this year but there were some issues that irked me about this year’s lineup that I will talk about at a later date. As for picks, there are definitely some ones worth watching (Not Diplo though). Read all about it here!

Now in order to get everyone hopped up for this weekend before you call your dealers (Beer is going to be lovely and expensive), some of the artists who I bigged up have released some teaser mixes for you listen to.

First is Icelandic Techno warhorse EXOS who did a mix for the Party Zone radio on Ras 2 show last week with some of his favourite techno tracks from 2013. including the likes of Rrose, Clouds, Randomer, Paula Temple, Orphx along with a nice bubbling start made up of local artists such as Yagya and Octal. A really well put together mix that thrusts along with a real sense of purpose.

Next up is local House cat HOUSEKELL, who as part of the BORG cartel (note – he’s the quiet one) put together this hard and heavy mix as a teaser for his set on Saturday. One hour of classic deep/garage house sounds. Lots of dirty high hats and soulful vocals with some tracks from BORG upcoming debut vinyl release from Alex Agore! Bumpin!!

So I hope to all see you at Harpa this weekend. And make sure you bring some cats urine with you. I can’t seem to get hold of my regular contact! *ahem*

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Nordic Interstitial Thresholds: “Winter Tales For Abandoned Children….”

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then we’ll begin…

This is the last #NITCAST of 2013 and luckily it’s just in time for the run up to the Winter Solstice and Xmas holidays. Perfect for when you are sitting at your desk late at night, polishing off that last 3 fingers of whisky before the fog of sleep overcomes you. What we have lined up for you is a nice loooong drawn out collection of disturbing and eerie sounds. 

Protip – always have at least one light on when playing. wouldn’t want to tempt fate now, would we?

If you like what you are hearing and not prone to night terrors, then you can download an mp3 copy right HERE


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Andskotinn Einmana Jökull Tónlist – Episode 5, The Blood Feast Of Grýla…


Whoo Hoo! it´s been, what… 2 months already? Well with Airwaves less than a week away, I thought it would be best to put together another special NITcast of Icelandic music, that had nothing to do with Airwaves at all! that’s who I roll peeps!

This latest edition is a musical offering to Grýla, the horrifying monster that was known to eat kids in the wintertime and stuff. Apparently stories about her were so scary that in ye olde times, they actually passed a law to stop telling stories about her because the kids were getting too traumatised to do their 12 hours a day of unrelenting work.

So with that in mind, this mix is a big 99 minutes lab of true, decent Icelandic music (So no Dikta or Dimma then!) that you can stream or download and listen to your heart’s content. From classic favourites to RSF such as HJALTALÍN, I ADAPT, LAY LOW, JAN MAYEN, and TRÚBROT, as well as some not so well known artists. Oh, and we also have one of the most offensive records ever to have been released in Iceland. If you are Icelandic, be warned…. this will turn your cow’s milk sour! Careful now…

A special thanks for this mix goes out to my friend Sævar Markús, who loaned a HUGE amount of old (and somewhat rare) vinyl for me to rip and use in this mix. Some of the records were rather old and creaky, but when some of them records are nearly 40 years old, you tend not to complain too much about them. Sævar, the help was much appreciated!

If you like what you hear, then you can also download the track HERE

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Mixes: 8Tracks: The Rollicking Revenge of the Maxed-out Retro Rave Zombies!


It´s a Saturday afternoon and therefore it should be time to give you some tracks for your lunchtime listening. When it came to this one, I seem to have realised that over the last couple of months,  I’ve been buying a lot of music that’s been heavily “influenced” by the glory days of rave. Music crammed with rolling jungle breaks, Hoover synths, and all sorts of pilled up madness. I do admit that this is a bit of a weak spot of mine as some of it is as washed out and retro as anything else you can chuck shit at these days, but I guess I´m giving a lot of this a free pass as it’s the muzick of ma youth, etc, etc.

Anyway, listen and enjoy!

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Mixes: 8Tracks: “The Dregs Of Humanity”


Ugh. Feeling a bit rotten and sorry for myself today. I must have caught some upgraded form of dengue fever that’s been biohacked and inserted into one of the gangs of feral kids that are legion in downtown Rvk as part of a “Let’s see what happened” type of social experiment. Seriously, why don’t the yummy mummy’s in the area not get them spayed before losing them outside Kaffismiðjan or Laundromat. That’s how TB scares start!

So I’m coughing and sniffling in bed. To please myself (And possibly yourselves), I’ve cobbled together this little mixtape of sounds from the remnants and scraps that are lying around my desktop and laptop. I really need to get this shit sorted. I think that my illness and missing my music are somehow linked. I have no really evidence for this, just a gut feeling of truthiness.



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