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Mixes: 8Tracks: “Tip Top Tekno Tek Lyf….”

Aftenoon all!

It’s been a little while since I posed one of these online. It seems that I’ve been doing a lot of buying of banging techno records over the last couple of months. So perhaps it’s best time to share the wonder of my bounty with you!

Um-tss Um-tss um-tss……

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Mixes: 8Tracks: The Rollicking Revenge of the Maxed-out Retro Rave Zombies!


It´s a Saturday afternoon and therefore it should be time to give you some tracks for your lunchtime listening. When it came to this one, I seem to have realised that over the last couple of months,  I’ve been buying a lot of music that’s been heavily “influenced” by the glory days of rave. Music crammed with rolling jungle breaks, Hoover synths, and all sorts of pilled up madness. I do admit that this is a bit of a weak spot of mine as some of it is as washed out and retro as anything else you can chuck shit at these days, but I guess I´m giving a lot of this a free pass as it’s the muzick of ma youth, etc, etc.

Anyway, listen and enjoy!

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Mixes: 8Tracks: “The Dregs Of Humanity”


Ugh. Feeling a bit rotten and sorry for myself today. I must have caught some upgraded form of dengue fever that’s been biohacked and inserted into one of the gangs of feral kids that are legion in downtown Rvk as part of a “Let’s see what happened” type of social experiment. Seriously, why don’t the yummy mummy’s in the area not get them spayed before losing them outside Kaffismiðjan or Laundromat. That’s how TB scares start!

So I’m coughing and sniffling in bed. To please myself (And possibly yourselves), I’ve cobbled together this little mixtape of sounds from the remnants and scraps that are lying around my desktop and laptop. I really need to get this shit sorted. I think that my illness and missing my music are somehow linked. I have no really evidence for this, just a gut feeling of truthiness.



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Mixes: 8Tracks: The Trembling Of The Master’s Voice


Haven’t done these for a while. It´s a diaspora of the stuff that been clogging up the old desktop of my PC after buying binges at Boomkat and Juno Downloads while loaded up on cough Syrup and Cillit Bang (Man that Cillit Bang is rather more-ish!)

Anyway… enjoy to your heart’s content…



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Mixtapes: 8Tracks: “Your Time Is Now…”


More heavy bass blitzing, with lots of low end wobbling from the warehouse. Get yrself listening!!


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Mixes: 8Tracks: Beyond Fear, Beyond feeling….

Haven’t done one of these in a little while. Thought I might unload some of the new additions to my hard drive for you listening pleasure.

Man those techno tracks at the end are gnarly stuff, aren’t they? Glad I bought them…


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Mixes: 8Tracks: Mutant Bass Kid Workings


A bit early for Saturday evening I know, but with 2013 already locked down, I thought it would be good to get some sub juices flowing with some of the tracks that have been floating around my inner brain case the last couple of weeks.

DOOF!! With a side order of DOOF!!


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