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Music Moment: Scorn “Shitwinds Rising”

Evening there

Am just feeling in a lazy mood tonight. done some reviews but to be honest i´m just feeling a bit washed out.

But i still have some energy to give you this little titbit. If you’ve never heard of Scorn(and why the fuck have you not???), they were a Side project created by two former members of Napalm Death (Mick Harris and Nic Bullen) that became a full-time concern for Harris when Bullen left in 1995. they started off as more of an industrial music unit in the 90´s (their 1994 album Evanescence is rather brilliant), but in the past decade, the sound has beomce more influenced by Dub & Trip Hop and more recently Dubstep.

This track is taken from their new album “Refuse; Start Fires”. It´s got a really low, heavy bass and uses live drumming that got a hollow bullet like sound, instead of processed beats. It´s very filthy, almost Selfoss Knakki level of filthy (and as we all know that is a hazmat level of filthiness).

Nighty night…..

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