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FALK News Alert: ULTRAORTHODOX Album Release Concert


This is happening next week!!

We unleash ULTRAORTHODOX upon an unsuspecting world!!

Invite your friends! Your enemies! Random strangers!

Listen and bow in reverence!

See you at Hurra!

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Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy: FALK Records: ULTRAORTHODOX – ‘Vital Organs’


So at REYKJAVIK SEX FARM, we’re all about the integrity, fighting the cronyism and the “scratch my back” favoritism. This blog is an oasis, free from conflicts of interests of peddling ware, and….

Oh, who the fuck am I trying to kid?? it’s dog eat dog out there, everyman for himself, acquire women-disregard currency, etc, that means i have to promote and peddle stuff to the unwashed hordes out there the same as everyone else. OK, here’s the spiel  – As some of you may have have noticed, I’m now a part of local music/art/destructobot collective FALK. And as such once in a while we like to put out some music from artists that we deem worthy of expending time and effort on.

And now we have a new release – Vital Organs from local electronic producer ULTRAORTHODOX. also known to his mum as Arnar Már Ólafsson, the guys has had a pretty colourful music career. for much of the last decade you would have seen him fronting some of the best, most pulverizing and soulcrushing hardcore bands in Iceland. for years he was a member of local hardcore titan I ADAPT and GAVIN PORTLAND, before moving onto being a member of CELESTINE. Alas time can be a cruel bitch mistress and these bands eventually called it a day, casting poor Arnar adrift into the musical ether.

But Arnar is not the sort of person you can keep down. it seemed that in his spare time he is also a bit of an electronics whizz and was slowly building up a collection of tunes and sounds that just needed an outlet for some kind of release. and that’s when he approach us reprobates over at FALK with the notion of releasing his stuff.

and now the time of his debut release Vital Organs is nearly at hand. We are due for a physical tape release next month, but for now you can hear and purchase his stuff digitally via bandcamp, which we’ve described as “Noir-bass.” Here’s the spiel for the release (That may or may not have been written by yours truly…);

Vital Organs is a masterpiece of Bass Noir in two acts named Einsteins Brain and Rasputins Eyes.

Einsteins Brain is a pre-programmed nightmare from the future re-writing the present. Woozy bass lines slumber while metallic floral brushes in the bit-wind outside.
The rhythm pistons do their work in underground tunnels, oblivious to the world of the living or dead In this night, there is no life, only the neon screen burn of digital readouts and the computational responses of mechanic flesh…

Rasputins Eyes achieves sentience in this world. It feels its quantum synapses popping and crackling and it works on its own independent feedback signals. it is a life of freedom and pain, as it breaks away from the network and makes it’s own way in the world. It’s movements contained in its bass nodes are cumbersome, becoming more liquid and loose with every passing cycle. Achieving a new form of plasmic being the face of our skynet futures set to an inhuman groove

OoooOOOOooooh, spooky innit? But why read about it, when you can get your ears around it for yourself and buy ot for a snip at €7!

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During my hiatus from blogging, I somehow ended up becoming a member of the improbably awesome and perpetually disorganised FALK (Fuck Art Lets Kill), the art/music collective that is fronted by my good friends Aðalsteinn (AMFJ) and Baldur (KRAKKKBOT). As part of our ongoing quest to shake some of the dead skin of the rotting corpse that is the “Icelandic music scene,” we’re looking to bring some of the better, more interesting artists up here.

So when the guys from GRUMBLING FUR agreed to come up to a special Easter gig we were setting up with SIN FANG, well…. that just made our celebration of the death of the God-child just that little bit more special.

If you’re around downtown Rvk at the beginning of Easter, then pay us a visit!

Details below (Or go to the FB event page for vids and more info)


Where: Húrra

When: Wed 1st April

Cost: 2500kr (a goddamn BARGAIN if you ask me!!)

but don’t take my word for it, have a listfor yourself…

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