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Album Reviews: Reykjavik Grapevine: Pink Street Boys, ‘Hits #1’


It’s going to be a bit of a busy day, so a couple of quick fire posts from me.

My review of Hits #1 from those Icelandic filthbag rockers PINK STREET BOYS, is now uploaded and available to read on the Grapevine website.

Effectively if Singapore Sling are the Velvet Underground/Skag, then they are Iggy and The Stooges/Speed. With more shouting. and Chlamydia. And Monotown are the Eagles/Herpes.

Their barrel-chested lead singer Axel Björnsson is a hoot! I actually had to throw him out of Bakkus on my first shift as a doorman there. Imagine dropping a bag of broken spanners into a snowdrift. Guy came back and apologised for his behaviour the following week. Very few people actually do that. Nice bloke.

Also a shoutout to Sindri Eldon whose description of Bubbi Morthens I wholeheartedly stole for this review, because i could not have described him better myself.

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Film Reviews: FILTH!



I went to the cinema recently for those metal peeps over at the HALIFAX COLLECT Blog to see the film FILTH.

And I did a review for them. go and read it HERE. Go on…. make a face as if you are reading it. Go on, do it for me…. you fuck!


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Infofelch: Iceland Airwaves 2011: THURSDAY!!

MY REVIEW OF LAST NIGHT AT DOWNSTAIRS AT FAKTORÝ. Sorry for the odd typo. I missed those ones and i can’t get them edited.

Jesus I’m getting old….

One night and not a lot of beer, and I’m already feeling a little hollowed out. My brother was on fine form acting like a supercharged extra from an Irvine Welsh novel. He couldn’t get it round his head that i was actually “working”, as he again got screwed for 2 large vodkas and red bull.

To all who i met (Elly, Mark,etc) sorry i couldn’t chat for longer. If you saw me last night i was a little tense, but things are a bit better and stuff right now.

We’re heading off soon to see downtown and check out a couple of bands. Possibly go to Kaffibarinn. Who knows?

As for tonight. I will be at IÐNÓ! some possible rock prospects and stuff. It should be an interesting night…

Time for Vodka methinks…


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Nordic Interstitial Thresholds: “Filth…”

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Filth… , posted with vodpod

Well it’s that time of the month again where i lay down my pen and turn to my jagged rusty wheels of steel, as it’s time for another NIT cast! (as Robin keeps referring to them..)

As it was getting closer to Summer, i was getting my head around to maybe putting together a mix that was, well…. a little upbeat, happy even. But of course that was until Iceland decided to test the Apocalyptic waters AGAIN with the eruption of the volcano at Grimsvotn. In the end, it didn’t last long, but it was a furious eruption, blocking out the sun,covering most of the South East of Iceland in thick ash, and throwing a thin crust of dirt all over Southern Iceland. the sight of the ash cloud approaching Reykjavik was especially ominous…

So this music tries to capture the nature of filth and dirt. The first half is about the filth of the flesh, before getting some decent bleach on that shit. The second half… man it certainly gets an a heavy Neo-Iindustrial/Medieval tip. Picture those pox-ridden plague monks dragging their bony carcasses towards the eruption shouting “Unclean! Unclean!”

I promise i will try to lighten up for next month. That’s if a plague of Locusts and Frogs haven’t descended upon us by then….

If you liked the mix, then please feel free to download a high quality copy HERE

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