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Mixes: 8Tracks: “The Dregs Of Humanity”


Ugh. Feeling a bit rotten and sorry for myself today. I must have caught some upgraded form of dengue fever that’s been biohacked and inserted into one of the gangs of feral kids that are legion in downtown Rvk as part of a “Let’s see what happened” type of social experiment. Seriously, why don’t the yummy mummy’s in the area not get them spayed before losing them outside Kaffismiðjan or Laundromat. That’s how TB scares start!

So I’m coughing and sniffling in bed. To please myself (And possibly yourselves), I’ve cobbled together this little mixtape of sounds from the remnants and scraps that are lying around my desktop and laptop. I really need to get this shit sorted. I think that my illness and missing my music are somehow linked. I have no really evidence for this, just a gut feeling of truthiness.



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8tracks mix: Imagination In The 10th Dimension…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


A new week and for January, a new 8tracks mix. Cobbled together with some of the dusty pieces that have been clogging the processor tubes of my laptop. anyway the mix is a banging collections of some nice decent beats and textures that shows how life could be like at the 10th Dimension. Hope i get my name on the guest list…

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Music Dump: Various Artists – “Riddim Box: Excursions in the UK Funky Underground”

Man, it seems to have been FOREVER since i last gave you all some music to stop you raiding the bins around the back of my house for scraps of food and spare CDs. And i know you’re hurting for some music. You must be hurting bad. In fact, I’ll bet you’ll do anything to get your hands on some decent music won’t you? would you even eat dirt, or go in the street and masturbate for a few coins? I bet you would do that, wouldn’t you,you filthy fucks? Well stop that, i don’t want to see you with your junk hanging out like a malformed balloon. you win. I will give you some music.

So what shall i give you perverts this week? Oh i know, how about one of the best compilations from 2010? Ok, for this week ii give to you, “Riddim Box: Excursions in the UK Funky Underground”.

a 2 disc set from those purveyors of fine music, Soul Jazz Records, it contains some of the main club anthems that have arisen from the UK Funky Scene over the last few years.  Firstly, if you don’t know what UK Funky is, that here’s the wiki for it. It’s a scene that’s been discussed about a lot, mostly whether it was a worth addition to the continuum of UK dance music. It’s the elements of garage, house and a lot of soca and afro rhythms centred around a simple 4X4 house beat that means at times it often sounds a bit like grime, or garage or even dancehall. It’s a real chameleon of a genre.

So what has Riddim Box got for us? Well it does seem to have most of a lot of the big floor anthems on here. you’ve got the likes of MJ COLE and ZED BIAS showing links to garage with RADIO SLAVE springing up from the house scene, along with more up to date stuff from the likes of LIL SILVA and KODE9.

I admit that when i first heard some UK funky while in London, i didn’t like it that much, mostly because i often heard it on Kids bloody mobile phones. all that nasty tinnyness really didn’t appeal to me. But when i started listening to the tracks on a proper stereo system that allowed some of the bass to come out, and it was certainly much more listenable. Some of favourites on this compilation include the arfo-tinged stomp of ZUMEN’S “Rolexxx”, “African Warrior (Instrumental)” by DONAE’O, and HARD HOUSE BANTON’s “Sirens” with its old hardcore style heavy bass.

Although it’s not as smooth and direct as a proper DJ mix and it doens’t have a lot of proper vocals that you’d expect on the lighter funky tracks, If you want to dip your toe into a really interesting offshoot of the UK Dance scene, then i would totally recommend this as your first point of call.

You can try “Riddim Box”, HERE, HERE, AND HERE


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