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Music Moment: Mordant Music, “Nothing in Here of Any Value”

Some links….

Angus Findlayson in Pitchfork about the false jungle memories of new releases from Demdike Stare, Four Tet, and Special Request

Grand poobah of electronic music writing, Simon Reynolds  making some notes on this trend as well.

14 Tracks have released their latest compilation today – Hardcore Will Never Die,  Pt II

YES, it seems that this autumns must have music style is MAXed out to the fuck hardcore/jungle reworkings. Not that I’m complaining, that much. It seems that all of this is going down the route techno has been over the last 18 months with many artists taking the main tropes and stretching and pushing the soundscapes to different places. To try to perhaps cause some kind of exothermic music reaction and cause some kind of shift in new sounds and styles.

I have most of the tracks featured on the 14Tracks comp (I especially recommend the track from Special Request, AKA Paul Woolford), but there was one track that inexplicably slipped past my radar. That track being the latest release from MORDANT MUSIC and EKOPLEKZ contains some live electronics noodling, but this, the lead track from the Baron is something else. It’s full of hard flashbacks to old skool ‘ardkore beats, that sound rather tasty. But it’s that boinging super sub bass along with some threatening modular noises that gives this piece that uncanny “otherness” aspect. That, and the fact that Baron Mordant has made an evil, sinister video to go along with it. ccompanied with only the simple phrase “A junglist note found in Savile’s bleak holiday hideaway,” it’s a grainy warped VHS unsettlefest full of post industrial bleakness, empty corridors and locked doors, and people that seem melted, bent out of shape, or simply plain broken. It’s something that could have come straight from “Blue Jam.” It’s bloody creepy from start to finish. What’s even more intriguing is the way the track seems to blow itself out just after half way and all your left with are the remnant whooshes and echoes that seem to be the thought patterns of the poor man who’s gurning in in the video.

This video is fucking wrong. I love it!


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Music Moment: Morð, “S/T”

Well if you by any chance know any Icelanders at all, then you will have had your social media clogged by them today stating what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day it was in Iceland. Oh man, the sun was out, people were at the beach, and in a shocking twist, we were told by our boss at work to finish at 12 noon today to go and spend the afternoon in the sun!

Well with an offer like that, I knew exactly what I had to do.

I went straight home… and stayed indoors!

It’s too hot and sunny out there. Better to stay indoors in the cool and shade, where it’s safe. Also had a chance to catch up on reading while listening to some lovely mixes on FACT magazine’s Mixcloud. I regret nothing you reptilian bags of leathery skin.

But as the sun sets, my mood to turns to things that are darker and more menacing. Now I really don’t cover enough metal on this blog, despite loving a heavy dose of the good stuff now and again. and it’s not that I hate most of it, it’s just that I already have good friends who cover the metal scene in Iceland and abroad well enough already, HERE,HERE, and HERE:  In many ways I wouldn’t be adding that much more to what they’re already doing.

But of course I will make many exceptions to this, and MORÐ is one exception. They’re another new band to emerge from the primordial soup of Icelandic metal in 2013. Containing at least one member of the BEST BAND EVER TO COME FROM ICELAND, (That’s Celestine btw) and one of the most squidly blast beat drummers in Ægir Sindri, they’re making some rather nasty sounds out there. Birkir at Halifax Collect has already got his dirty claws into to them to find out how they tick.

Already they have a debut EP out on Bandcamp. ‘Morð’ definitely seems to exhibit a lot of the influences/styles from the former bands of Morð’s members. No “genre” runs prevalent throughout. One moment your introduced to Death metal intros, before you´re deluged with great hunks of classic black metal with blastbeats aplenty (“Svart,” “Eyðilegging”). But even then there’s moments when the tracks show some full on trad metal riffing, or Eyehategod style sludginess with heavy sludge metal/hardcore screaming that’s not your usual “creep hiding in a cave” sound. Love the squealing at the end of the record, LOL!

One thing that’s for sure is that there’s no gilding the lily on this record. It doesn’t bother trying to be all atmospheric and elemental as if they’re wood nymphs from an abandoned forest in Germany. ‘Morð’ is spartan and economic in it’s production so that while all the elements are distinct, the sphere of sound is that of a tight enclosed space. You only hear the slightest flickers of effects being used on the odd occasion, such as the vocals in “Holdfúi.”

“Morð” is a straight up, black, brutal chimera of a record that is all things to all people, but the pieces are spliced and sewn together in a way that you don´t notice the changes in flesh and textrue. Grrrrrrr….. I spit at you sun god…


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Music Moment: MASS “s/t EP”

Forests are fucking creepy, aren’t they?

For all our wonderful technocratic lives that we lead, we still can’t escape the pre-industrial pull that the forest exerts on us. It been the central place of supernatural carve-ups since time immemorial. From poor little Red Riding Hood nearly becoming a part of some inter species murder roleplay, to Hansel & Gretel, The Blair Witch, The Evil Dead, Southern Comfort & Rambo, the dark forest is a psychic environment in those places causes basic humanity as a construct to be weakened and something nastier, more primal rules the roost.

For example, I’ve been watching for a while now a long running YouTube channel titled MARBLE HORNETS. It´s a chilling supernatural video serial centred around the myth of “The Slender Man” and a man trying to piece together a mystery of a missing film student friend. Most of the action take place in heavily wooded areas. It´s so quiet and eerie that even when the scenes are filmed in broad daylight, there is an undeniable tension in the air.

MASS would be at home in that world. A simple night dwelling duo, their “sound” is a primal scream of tearing red-lining noise, as if the forest itself is giving birth to something not quite animal, not quite human. From the cortex tearing feedback at the beginning, the four songs in their debut EP of crust covered hardcore just tears at you to find out what is truly at the centre of your being. Riffs crash and flail, while the drumming comes across like a someone throwing their whole weight into a puddle. I played this to Mrs Sex Farm, only for her to wince in pain after 5 minutes. she said “They just sound as if they are in pain.” I’m not surprised at that comment. here’s definitely a knotted, twisted aspect to the vocals. Think of a fox caught in a bear-trap

Eventually the noise finally breaks down into a heap of fiery crackling drones. They then walk back into the blackened forest, with only their silhouettes visibly against the backdrop of the flames.

Fucking hate forests I do….


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Mixes: Nordic Interstitial Thresholds: The Revenge Of The Hypertime Wrecking Krew!

The nights are now long and the people are restless….

OK I was going to wait until tomorrow to do this, but all of…. two people asked to hear it RIGHT NOW so i thought i would at least do it for them. Nordic Interstitial Thresholds is back with the last mix of 2012  and Maaaan it’s rather epic in size and scope. I wasn’t really sure where i was “going” with this mix. but what I do remember was being rather angry when I made it, which possibly explains the tone of the audio samples/snippets. But as we all know, sometimes the best music is made when anger, strife, injustice and boredom linger on the background.

Get your ears around this. If you like what you are hearing and you want a copy to listen in your own time, then you can download a high quality MP3 of the mix HERE.

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Music Moment: Joey Beltram, “Mentasm”


Well i guess I’m back (of sorts). the last couple of weeks have been, to put it lightly, a bit shit. But as I’m now back to being a productive drone in society, i suppose it’s best to get back into the old swing of things. So let’s have a tune then shall we?

And for a tune, let’s keep it old skool, ‘cos when it’s ‘ardcore, you KNOW the score (ahem). Been spending tonight listening to some of those classic hardcore and breakbeat tracks that i was semi-aware of when i was 14 years old. And this one is one of the best, “Mentasm” by JOEY BELTRAM. I’ve played his other classic “Energy Flash” on here in the past, but this one was apparently the first to use what they called the “Hoover” synth sound (i remember hearing it first on early Prodigy tracks). It’s learn and hard, with a fuckload of sub bass on top. At the risk of sounding old (which i am close to becoming), they don’t make ’em like they used to.


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8tracks Mix: “Today’s Ghosts, Yesterday’s Futures…”

WHAYHEY! Um… yes, It’s that time of the month where I fire off another salvo of jagged, serrated musical chaff in your faces from the bit shards that gather at the corners of my desktop.

This Months mix is a nice little collection of past sounds from the 80’s, re-imaginings of 90’s classic hardcore, followed by a little bit of the real thing.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Reykjavik Grapevine: Review: The Most Important Hard, Fast, and Heavy of 2001-10

so as i mentioned before the new year, i didn’t bother doing a big review of the Icelandic metal scene as good buddy and fellow reviewer Birkir Fjalar was probably on the case. Well not only was he on the case, he produced a list of the best & most crucial metal and Hardcore albums to come from Iceland over the past decade.

The Most Important Hard, Fast, and Heavy of 2001-10

A very good list, but with one question. WHERE THE HELL IS CELESTINE??.

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