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Music moment: Ekoplekz, Dat der “Unfidelity” Album

Very busy and distracted right now.

I mean, between ripping off scribd so I can get hold of two books about Czech cinema so I can scrape several needed essays and spending the last 3 hours trying to juggle 4 or 5 different things in the air, then you’re lucky that I’m actually devoting the 30 minutes that’s needed to get these words down to inform you of something that I think that you really need to hear.

You’ve gotta hand it to Nick “Ekoplekz” Edwards. The man is like the neo-industrial energizer bunny in how me conducts his music making endeavors today. He could have been like my good self and just settled with writing about music under his Gutterbreakz name (I’m currently working my way through his archives. the fucker is so right about Paul McCartney!), But instead he’s gone back to the dark side and has been carving out urban inflected beats made from the broken flotsam of lo-fi hardware, unsettling hauntological memories of misspent youth, and shattered acid dub dreamz of our post-rave society. Like contemporaries such as Shackleton and regular collaborator Baron Mordant, he’s managed to find and carve out his own negative zone where despite the constant digital deluge of music occurring these days, hardly anyone is doing what he’s doing. It’s actually very refreshing in its uniqueness.

The first I heard of his music was back a few year ago when I heard his “Pro Rebus” track on you tube. Can’t remember where from though, probably on Simon Reynolds’ blog most likely. But since then I’ve been keeping a fairly close tab on his stuff and thee’s been a fair slew of tapes, mixes, CDrs and downloads over the last few years. Some of CDr albums I’ve heard such as tended to be more abstract in structure, coming close to corrosive noise. I personally found myself warming more to the stream of EPs that he’s done with Mordant Music, Public information and Perc Trax, where he mixes fractured and splintered melodic lines and loops with some heavy modern dub leanings (check here, here and here for further listening). But what’s been really interesting is his collaborations with Bass Clef (Ekoclef) and with Mordant Music (eMMplekz). eMMplekz in particular last year produced the amazing “Nothing In Here Of Any Value / No Show” 12″, and the seething misanthropic “Your Crate Has Changed,” which were both essential 2013 listens up here at chez Sex Farm.

And now 2014 seems him inching slowly but surely into the big time with “Unfidelity,” on Planet Mu records. You can tell right away that his sound is now much more refined, with a lot more work going into the production and mastering, But despite the glistening oscillating waveforms, it’s still undeniably an Ekoplekz record to the core. in some points he’s tapping into that plasmic, tactile aspect of early Aphex Twin in how the both seem to be informed by their SW England environs, Aphex Twin with Cornwall, Nick with the Bristol area. “Severn Beach” captures the ambiance of post industrial semi-urban life next to the sea, echoing the smells and flashbacks to my own homesteads back in shetland and The Wirral. Meanwhile you’ve got punning titles like “Sleng Zen” that warps and pays homage to the Bristol dub legacy.

Since I bought the album last month,  I’ve found myself wallowing in its mossy analogue trenches and always end up coming out at the end smelling of roses. And from seeing the positive response to “Unfidelity” across the board (Even from th sad sack dad rock magazines), It´s so good to see Nick finally getting some form of reward and recognition for his efforts. Just listening to his music is giving me scheming ideas… lots of them

Do him a favour and get his album from Planet Mu, HERE, right??


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Music Moment: Nine Inch Nails, “Recoiled [Full Album]”

Well I’m putting in the order for this album, even if it is being released on the slightly dodgy, olde-English-wyrd-musicks-as-front-for-BNP-tendencies label Cold Spring.

So a NIN/Posthumous Coil remix EP. Now here’s something that does interest me a fair bit. Been listening to the tracks over the weekend. Compared to some of the bombast you get with some of NIN (even the remixes), here everything comes across as more sombre and degraded, it’s soul weakened by the ravages of the world. The entire EP just sounds sick, both in sonic and metaphysical terms.

Of course that remix of “Gave Up Open My eyes” does contain souped-up drum breaks/edits along with some decidedly sharp, punky guitars. All you need to do is imagine The Prodigy in their “using real instruments live” phase.  But then things seems to get all hazy, everything a Gaussian blur. Both “Closer Unrecalled” definitely has that whole spatial, pondering Post Punk doom that the likes of Fra Lippo Lippi used to do, while “The Downward Spiral (A Gilded Sickness)”  sounds more like something that could have come from former neo-industrialists Young Hunting. Trent’s no longer giving his pained rock howls, instead being reduced to a haunted crackled whisper. No bombastic rock guitars, just looped bleeps and signals. “Eraser (Reduction)” is simply the sound of civilisation going down the plughole to be honest.

The “Recoiled EP,” hints at alternative artistic paths and futures that could have been – Either that of a Grandstanding industrial rock band losing itself to a morass of smeared drone and noise experimentation, or possibly a couple of filthy recidivists using mainstream electro rock as a front to infect the young with all sorts of nasty chaos magick viruses!

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The Sunday Cult Film Corner: “Hardware (1990)”

Ugh. you bastard Birkir! Thanks to his generous offer of taking part in an official beer tasting session for his blog, so today I feel as if I’ve been fucked by a truck. So apologies if this post is not as fun and action-packed as regular Sunday Cult Film Corner posts tend to be, but right now the only thing keeping me from passing out and drowning in my own drool are plates of roast chicken and cups of tea. So let’s get this done and dusted shall we?

Tonight’s episode of the Sunday Cult Film Corner is HARDWARE a post apocalyptic tale of machines that go haywire and start killing regular human scum. Made in 1990, and directed by Richard Stanley (A South African director known for his music videos and low-budget sci-fi thrillers and horrors), it’s based heavily on a 2000AD short story from 1981 called SHOCK!. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic future where wars have reduced the earth to a radioactive wasteland and overpopulation had driven mankind to the brink. The opening shot sees a nomad discovering robot parts while wandering the desert, Upon returning to the city, the parts are bought by a marine (Dylan McDermott) who thinks they will be a good present for his sculptor artist girlfriend.

However it turns out the robot parts are components of a secret govt project called M.A.R.K -13, a new series of robot that capable of artificial intelligence, self repair and the ability to charge itself from any electrical source. the M.A.R.K -13 robot are actually part of a secret govt plan to introduce genocide and reduce human overpopulation. Unfortunately the robots parts become reactivated and start to rebuild itself. the film then becomes a fight for survival as the robot goes on the rampage, killing everyone it sees at will.

there are several things that go in HARDWARE’s favour. The opening scenes are very well realised, showing a desert land of dark red hues and bleeding light contrast. This is a land of rusted sand and metal, where everything is dirty, broken, polluted and of a decidedly lo-fi nature. This is actually helpful considering the films low-budget. From there the film meshes together several themes and filmic inspirations – cyberpunk, industrial music, The Terminator, Tetsuo, Buddhist symbolism, etc. The film’s metal/rock/cyberpunk credentials are reinforced with the use of footage from industrial music pioneer Monte Caqzazza, as well as having cameos from the likes of Iggy Pop as a shock jock DJ, and Mötörhead’s Lemmy as a taxi driver. The soundtrack is also well above par, including music from Iggy and Lemmy, as well as from bands such as Ministry and P.I.L. With some decently executed robot special effects, the end result is a film that’s incredibly downbeat and slightly nihilistic in the best possible way.

But there are some downsides to the film once we leave the outside scenes and get inside. There are moments where the although this is supposed to be a dirt ridden, dystopian future, the film, with its moody lighting and soft focus shots, often has the look and feel of a straight to DVD erotic thriller (That often have titles like Executive Briefs), with the aesthetic of a MTV music video. This isn’t helped by the fact that the film’s leads are, on the one hand, decidedly telegenic and have obviously experienced the use of skincare products, yet they are decidedly dull and one-dimensional. You’ve got the obligatory sex scenes (Naturally with next door neighbor as a voyeur who spies on them making lover, so we too spy on them). Add to this some rather stodgy acting and some scenes where you go “Huh? why the fuck did they do that?”

All-in-all HARDWARE is pure B-movie schlock and is both downbeat, beak and silly in equal measure. It’s not a classic but it’s got decent amounts of gore and violence, and will definitely be up your street if you are looking for decidedly down to earth genre action

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Music Moment, The Implicit Order, “Cults”

One of the more interesting trends to be seen with internet music over the last 18 months is the phenomenon of the “Time Stretched” music track. Put simply, it’s when you take a track and with some simple software, stretch it to near astronomical levels. The end result is something that’s actually rather extraordinary. It’s the taking of a piece of sound and pulling it apart to the point where you’re hearing the gaps between the music. You’re listening to music at a granular, molecular level, where the sound waves take such a time to change, it has the sensation more likes dunes of sand shifting in the wind.  

Some of the tracks made create an extra level or spookiness onto something that is already dark and menacing.


It can make almost any track sound decent…..


It´s this level of time being pulled apart, of a central fixed point of focus that I hear when I listen to the music made by THE IMPLICIT ORDER. The (now solo) project of Anthony Washburn, he´s been diving through the realm of underground tape music in the US for over two decades now. Here’s the bio (So i don’t have to parse and retype it)… 

The Implicit Order started in 1989 as a Mail Art project and by the early 1990’s it developed into a full-time musical project incorporating many of the early Industrial/Experimental ideas of the late 70’s, 1980’s and beyond. The band always tried to inject a sense of the Occult, humor and an off-kilter view into the image and recordings. The Implicit Order was active in the Cassette Culture of the 1990’s up to 2001. In 2002 the band took a break from recording and resumed in 2008. I/O have released many recordings on Cassette, CD, CDR, and digital download and have appeared on various compilations. ..

This off-kilter look at the world can be heard in one of their recent release on their Bandcamp page, ‘Cults.’ Taking its inspiration from the myriad of cults and sects that contaminated the western world in the ’70s & ’80s, many of the tracks utilise aspect of granular, timestretched sound to create a woozy, listless undertow that sets the listener adrift from their surroundings, pulling you gently into its sphere of influence…. Just like a cult you would say. I can imagine this is how it must be like in the head of an indoctrinated member anyway.  All the while you’re gently bombarded with sermons/chants/ohms from the great and good, beckoning you to drink the aural kool aid and join them in their alien paradise.

After listening to this, I for one now accept my new lords and masters as they’ve promised me my place in technocrat heaven, where the Angels have metallic wings and clouds are made of strings of condensed data.



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Music Moment: MORDANT MUSIC, “Dark Side of the Autobahn”

Don’t worry – Really good post to happen tomorrow.

Right now filling in forms (At Mrs Sex Farm’s request), so I can continue calling myself a citizen of God’s Country (UK) and continue to escape Iceland to go there. Only thing is that it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg. And has taken me most of the night to decipher. Bugger

Fuck it I needs this. A nice piece of chugging post punk/industrial/clutterclash from MORDANT MUSIC. One of his earlier piece. Sounds eerily similar to something Karl O’Connor would make. Lots of samples in there, mostly Pink Floyd. But again that nice sub wobbly DUM-DUM bas beat.

And I will have a good post tomorrow – promise!


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Music Moment: Feuerbahn, “The Fire Dance”

Evening all!

Well I have been bad at doing this over the last few days haven’t I? Well I have a good reason for that…


Well OK, I haven’t. Mostly was drunk and lazy over the whole weekend. But what I can say is the latest club night that was held last Thursday was  really good. Quite a lot fo people turned up (Even when many Icelanders where struggling to try and get their head around the whole “Having to pay to enter a bar holding an event” thing). I think I may have stumbled onto something here! Certainly will be having this again!

The next one will be  barely but a few weeks from now. Dayum, I may even have to talk about trying to get some kind of sponsorship or something (Hiss – But alas a necessity in this day and age)..

But as for tonight, some nice happy tunes… OF DESPAIR AND MURDER!! MUAHAHAHA!!! Specifically a rather haunting, heathen infested sound of the rotting forest that is ‘The Fire Dance,’ by FEUERBAHN. Saw this on a music blog a week ago and thought I’d give it a spin. Maaaan it’s cold, cold stuff. You’d think they were German, or Finnish or something, even though one of the tags says this comes from Italy. Make sense I suppose. This drips with a sulphurous stench of death and the macabre. You pick up a lot of things in this EP – Some drone, power electronics, black metal, coldwave, etc. Very bleak stuff, VERY European, and for you if you’re into the likes of Circle Of Ouroborus…



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Fun Times: Reykjavik Sex Farm: The Club Night – The Next Chapter…

This is happening next week….

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