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Live Reviews: Reykjavik Grapevine: Tectonics Reykjavik 2014


The Grapevine asked me to go to TECTONICS REYKJAVIK 2014 and cast my critical judgement upon them (mwahahaha!)

And that’s what i did. You can now go and read it online HERE.

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Reykjavik Grapevine: Live Reviews: RMM FRIDAY: EVERY BAND REVIEWED!

so the first round of Live reviews from the Reykjavik Music Mess went up yesterday. You can read them by clicking on HERE. I’m a little bit busy right now, but hopefully if i get some time today/tomorrow, i’ll type up some notes and thoughts on the festival itself. Thank god for handy notebooks…

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Reykjavik Grapevine: Live Review: CCP Fanfest, “RAVER MADNESS HITS REYKJAVÍK”

So my review of the concert at the CCP fanfest has appeared on the interwubs. You can read it here.
Just a couple of extra little things.
– The tall Belgian man who spoke no English also had on his person a  LARGE bottle of Landi moonshine and proceed to gently “Force” several gulps down my gullet. This may have had a small bearing on the rather messy state i found myself in the next morning. Also said Belgian was eventually thrown out of the building for repeatedly trying to rush the stage while waring a massive tourists backpack.
– Also met a guy who said “Aren’t you that Icelandbob on twitter”. I immediately said no (you enver know who you enemies are), but when i eventually confessed that i was he introduced himself as Keith Nielson who i know better as Mandrill. A fine fellow indeed.
– Apparently the guy who sang with the PartyZone DJs was a guy called Alan Jone who sang the song “Tell Me Why”, but for some reason i can’t seem to find a copy of this song anywhere on the net. Was it all in my head? Can’t have been after i actually got the guy to write it in my notepad!
– Managed to get backstage TWICE and only managed to steal one can of beer when there were nearly SIX fridges of the stuff! Must be getting old, though i will say my powers of walking through with a friend shouting “PRESS!” are still there.
– I think the internet stream show looked excellent from where i was standing with my face pressed in the windowlicker position up against the booth. Almost wish i stayed in and reviewd it from home.  Probably would have managed to cut out the bass mixing problems as well….
– I was Sick as a dog the next morning….
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Iceland Airwaves ´10: Review: Faktorý – Friday

Ok here is sort of what happened to me yesterday.

– I went to an interesting little meet that was called the Brunch of Legends where i sat down with Elly Oracle, Mark “Iceblah”  Ollard, Wim Van Hooste and Veerle Vd Broeck. Of course by brunch i mean actually drink a few beers and talk rubbish about Icelandic music. But they were fine people and lovely company.

– Attended a bash held by the fine people at Gogoyoko, which sort of made me late for the Grapevine staff meeting.

– Ate some wonderful plokkfiskur that was created by Aðalsteinn which had the unfortunate side effect of rendering everyone sleepy and heavy-eyed. Not a good sign….

– Went to Faktorý to review the Brainlove records night. Some really good bands, some really awful ones.

– Managed to catch James Blake at Venue. Man he was completely awesome! Also met one of the lovely Men from Mount Kimbie and acted l

– Behaved like a drunken prat and probably pissed a lot of people off….

So all in all it was a quiet day really. But you can read about it here….

Iceland Airwaves ’10: Review: Faktorý – Friday…..


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Reykjavik Grapevine: Live review: Summer Festival Madness!!

You all may remember that i went to a small metal festival all the way back last month. Well i was required to review one of the Night’s festivities for the Grapevine. Well they’ve finally printed the damn thing as well the other festivals over the last few weeks such as the LungA arts festival, The G! Festival in the Faroe Islands and Reykjavik Gay Pride. MENTAL!!!

You can read all the madness here….

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Reykjavik Grapevine: Live Review: Kimono@ the Icelandic opera House

where i listen to some superior moody indie rock by a bunch of sprightly young chaps!

Kimonos Myspace


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