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Album Reviews: The Reykjavik Grapevine: Buspin Jieber, ‘We Came As we Left’


A while back I reviewed Buspin Jieber’s We Came As We Left, the latest release from Icelandic electronic label Raftonar for the Grapevine. Go and read here.

It was OK. Some really excellent production touches, but as an exercise in retrofuturism/memory as inspiration it wasn’t that much of an immersive experience.

But take a listen for yourself and see what you think.

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Music Moment Special: Various Artists, “ICERAVE”


A special music moment for you tonight pop pickers. A couple of days ago the wonderful Icelandic electronic music site posted a link on their Facebook page for an old piece they published about ICERAVE, the seminal  Icelandic music compilation that came out in 1992 and for many was the beginning of Rave music and modern electronic music making in Iceland (you can read it here, but be warned Icelandic alert!).

Funnily enough i was talking about this exact CD last week with DJ Andre during his Extreme Chill night, noting that i was finding it very hard to source a copy. He said that he would give me his copy if it were completely covered in scratches. But i couldn’t find it in any of the shops, the local library, or the usual music websites I visit.

But last night, I chanced my luck on an Icelandic music site to see if it was there. and LO AND BEHOLD there it was in all it shining digital glory! One credit card and a couple of minutes later, I was the proud owner of a copy. And just so you all don’t get left out, I uploaded the album to YouTube this evening so you to can indulge in the totally old school delights.The original hardcore of Ajax “Ruffage” and some interesting classic breakbeat sounds from the likes of Di Di Seven (AKA Bix) and Mind In Motion. All cool old school sounds.

Funnily enough there are a few moments where you can hear a lot of scratches and even the occasional wobble. Also the master volume at times seems to be well down. I wonder if simply took an old CD and ripped to make some sales from it? wouldn’t put it past them…



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