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Sunday Playlist Placement Filler Interlude….

Next level bleep, horns and maneuverings this afternoon.

Normal blogging service to resume in the next couple of days once I stopping getting shafted by this work schedule…

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Music Moment: Tomahawk, “Tomahawk [Full Album]”

Fuuuuuck I’m lazy.

Well not lazy, just tired. Some changes in my daytime work patterns (i.e. being forced to another department in my day job) means that I’ve been feeling wiped these last couple of days. Rest assured there will be some decent posts coming up here in the next couple of days, OK?

You know how I’m so lazy? I can’t even be bothered to find my CD copy of an old album I hadn’t heard for a while. And there’s where the wonders of YouTube come in. Everyone by know surely knows of the greatness of putting up whole albums on YT to stream. I had spent a bit of time and energy earlier this evening lambasting this frankly shoddy piece of churnalism on Flavorwire (“A Selection of New Bands for People Stuck in the ’90s“). Man, it’s lazy. Half of the bands don’t even sound like the ’90s bands they’re being compared to. In one case the band from the ’90s actually had its zenith in the ’80s, but the post goes “Oh well, they were still active in the ’90s, right??” I think this writer had only ever listened to 8 bands in the entire decade.

Anywhoo, they were comparing US band Metz with the classic ’90s band The Jesus Lizard, which was not even that close. instead, I suggested, listen to the music of avant rock super-group TOMAHAWK. As well as Mike Patton, it also has an actual member of the Jesus Lizard in it (Guitarist Duane Denison)! It’s not cheating, really it isn’t! And that got me wondering, “I should have a listen to their debut album. I haven’t done that in a while. where’s that CD?” But after 30 seconds of pondering this, I simply went to You Tube and there it was in all it’s bit compressed glory!

So here you are, the entirety of Tomahawk’s debut album on YT. No real need to describe it – just sit back for the evening and listen.

And I promise to get the rest of my shit sorted over the next few days…


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